Pyongyang Soccer League (PSL)

Location: Pyongyang, DPR (North) Korea
Host Team: Korea International Youth Travel Company (KIYCTC)
Year Held: 2018

Overview: Our first ever soccer event, the PSL coincided with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK – a major event in the nation’s history. Pyongyang was buzzing with activity as local residents prepared for military parades and torchlight demonstrations to mark the occasion. Our opponents on the pitch were from the Korea International Youth Travel Company, who joined us for some soccer at the Hwaebul FC training facility in Pyongyang, as well as for some beach soccer in the port city of Nampo.

Off the pitch, we were able to visit some of the North Korean countryside as well as the northern city of Sinuiju, but attending the Mass Games in the world’s biggest stadium was but definitely the trip highlight. Sitting just down and to our left was DPRK Supreme Leader Marshal Kim Jong Un, who entered the 150 000+ capacity stadium to a lengthy standing ovation!

While they were unavailable at the time, North Korean pro side Hwaebul FC has since issued a friendly challenge/invitation to the Friendship League. Think you have what it takes to play a world-class team inside a Pyongyang stadium? Get in touch!