Egypt Ice Hockey Experience

Location: Cairo, Egypt
Host Team: Egypt Ice Hockey
Year Held: 2021

Overview: Known more for its ancient culture and monuments than it is for winter sports, Egypt was a truly incredible destination to host our first ever North African event. While the city boasts several ice rinks, we chose to play at the Genena Mall rink, located in central Cairo. The event marked the first time Egypt had hosted an international winter sports festival, and as a result, it attracted a lot of spectators and media representatives which made it feel extra special! Perhaps most importantly, through a partnership with Egypt Ice Hockey and Egypt Ice Hockey Cares, we were able to help bring a group of children from a local orphanage for a fun day at the rink!

Off the ice, our players explored the pyramids, climbed Mt. Sinai, took an ATV ride through the Dahab desert, snorkeled in the famous Blue Hole, visited a church inside Garbage City and much more. As if the trip wasn’t cool enough already, many of our players took the opportunity to do their first ever skydive – OVER THE PYRAMIDS OF GIZA!