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Friendship League!

Adventures you didn’t think were possible, teams you didn’t know existed, friends you didn’t know you had.

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All of our upcoming events are open to individuals and groups. We add new destinations regularly, so be sure to check back with us often!

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A selection of the Friendship League events that we’ve organized over the years. We’ll likely be returning to many of these destinations soon.

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No matter where you want to go, and what sport or passion you want to engage in when you arrive, the Friendship League has you covered.

What is the Friendship League?

We’re a tourism organization that harnesses the power of sport to foster genuine cross-cultural engagement between otherwise distant communities. Our team identifies sports organizations in unusual destinations that face unique barriers to growth in their communities due to a variety of factors, including a lack of equipment, opponents, and expertise. We then work together with these communities to organize an exchange with international sports enthusiasts (such as yourself) and develop a plan to support the sport’s growth locally.

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Finding myself halfway across the world in a country which sees few visitors and playing a sport most of us didn’t know existed in this part of the globe—indeed, a trip that will not soon be forgotten. The camaraderie shared by tourists coming together to form a hockey team made for positive experiences both on and off the ice.

Cory Davis

From the train ride in from the Chinese border to the bus ride to the DMZ, and everything in between, it was exactly the experience I was hoping for. It’s a great opportunity to see a little of what life is like in the DPRK. If I had the chance, I would definitely do it again.

Aaron Geddes

I can’t say enough good things about this organization, the work that they do, and the experiences they provide. I would 100% recommend this trip to anyone and everyone.

Alex Frecon

The ice hockey trip to the DPRK was exceptional in so many ways. I have long wanted to see the DPRK with my own eyes, and the opportunity to do so while spreading friendship through ice hockey was a once in a lifetime experience.

Chris Colucci

The 2019 Kenyan tour was my first with the Friendship League. These tours provide an opportunity for a mutual exchange of ideas, awareness, and understanding. The tour's scheduling, content, and tone all reflected this primary purpose.

Henry Lee

Through a shared passion of hockey, myself and a group of outgoing expats were able to bond, practice and play against the DPRK National Team. Everything about the event was exciting, from the traditional music played between face-offs to barreling down the long tunnel into the National Ice Rink which featured giant portraits of the leaders in full view.

Jordan Ashton

The trip was great, combining the best of sport and tourism. I loved the train ride from Dandong to Pyongyang, seeing the landscape and watching people going about their business. Visiting the national museum and the DMZ while talking to high-ranking officers offered historical perspective and insight.

Matthieu Wettstein

That was an amazing trip to DPRK and I can warmly recommend this to everybody! This kind of opportunity won’t be found every day; I’ll remember these memories for the rest of my life!

Miki Lahtinen

We built a magical bond through the game of hockey and this remarkable demonstration of humanity will forever be one of my best memories from anywhere in the world. A huge thanks to the Friendship League for making it possible!

Sam Goodwin

It was an honor to represent the Friendship League for truly a once in a lifetime experience. The hockey was simply amazing and the people we met were even better. This trip changed my life and I will be involved with future opportunities.

Lee Harrison

Thanks for the opportunity of being part of this historical experience in Egypt! Hopefully we will be able to join the Friendship League Family again very soon!

Timo Korner

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If you travel with us, there’s a good chance that your adventure will make some headlines. Want to be interviewed for a North Korean or Turkmen newspaper?